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Corporate structures

Corporate structures in the UK : Limited company, LLP, International Holding

Let us guide you through the key advantages of the different business structures in the UK: Ltd Company, LLP, International Holding.

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cost effective company management services and business solutions

Access Business UK offers from simple and efficient turnkey solutions to customised incorporations and company management services for both UK and offshore corporate structures.

All our services

Access Business UK offers you a customised incorporation for UK or offshore companies.

Using a unique methodology we guide our clients through the administration and legislation of each corporate structure on a one to one basis.

Our incorporation and related services include :


UK company formation

  • Immediate online name check for incorporating with your chosen Company name
  • 2 certified copies of your Certificate of Incorporation
  • 2 copies of the Companies Acts and Statutes “Memorandum and Articles of Association”


Offshore Company formation (please make an appointment for jurisdictional advice)

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • 2 copies of the Companies Acts and Statutes
  • Share certificates


Provision of Registered Office facilities

  • A London address for the registered office of your UK Company


Provision of Company Secretaries and Local Representatives

  • Nomination of your Company Secretary for UK companies, or for offshore companies your Local Representative according to the chosen jurisdiction.


Bank introduction *

  • Access Business UK can introduce you to leading British banks or banks in other jurisdictions.

* Access Business UK is a professional introducer for some major UK and foreign banks; however each client must meet the bank and all the bank’s requirements individually. Successful account opening is at the bank’s discretion.