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Corporate structures

Corporate structures in the UK : Limited company, LLP, International Holding

Let us guide you through the key advantages of the different business structures in the UK: Ltd Company, LLP, International Holding.

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Access Business UK offers from simple and efficient turnkey solutions to customised incorporations and company management services for both UK and offshore corporate structures.

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Corporation tax (payable on worldwide income including ordinary income and Capital Gains) is paid by UK companies based upon accounts, which are submitted to the Inland Revenue and the Registrar of Companies at the end of the company's financial year. A company is free to choose its financial year-end.

Companies pay corporation tax at the rate of 20% where the net profit before tax does not exceed £300,000. The tax payable increases thereafter in stages until the net profit before tax reaches £1.5 million where the top rate of corporation tax is charged at the rate of 26%.


Corporation Tax Rates

Taxable profits 2012
First £300,000 20%
Next £1,200,000 Marginal relief
On Profits over £1,500,000 26%
Non-Corporate Distribution Rate 20%


Double Taxation Agreements

The United Kingdom is party to more double tax treaties than any other sovereign state.


Payment of Dividends

United Kingdom companies pay dividends out of their post tax profits and the payment of dividends is not subject to withholding tax regardless of where the recipient is resident.

The recipient of a dividend is provided with a tax credit equivalent to 10% of the gross amount.



It is worth noting that in the UK the computation of profits for taxation purposes often disallows such items as depreciation of capital purchases and entertaining.



The standard rate of VAT is 20% but certain categories of goods are exonerated or zero rated.