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Corporate structures

Corporate structures in the UK : Limited company, LLP, International Holding

Let us guide you through the key advantages of the different business structures in the UK: Ltd Company, LLP, International Holding.

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Access Business UK is a team of highly qualified professionals with a shared vision: to provide tax efficient structures for our clients to help them grow their business.


Nikki GRADY, MA Cantab.

Nikki GRADY, MA Cantab. Highly motivated self-starter, Nikki founded Access Business UK 9 years ago offering strategic consulting to international businessmen. Nikki works closely with her clients, priding herself on a fast and flexible approach, to provide the most advantageous international trade and investment structures with optimal tax solutions. Outstanding analytical abilities and strong communication skills are her keys to developing and maintaining client fulfilment.



Harry WATLING, co-director. Harry joined Access Business UK in 2001. Chartered accountant with over 30 years experience specialising in company management. Harry is committed to transmitting reliable financial information to our clients necessary for the day to day management and strategic development of their businesses, enabling them to make the most cost-effective decisions.


Robin ERSKINE, MA Oxon.

Robin ERSKINE, MA Oxon. Trained banker with 25 years professional experience. Bilingual in French. Robin masters all the economic and financial tools necessary to respond to our clients’ accounting and tax requests.